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Organise your cookbook recipes

Most people have a number of cookbooks containing recipes that are forgotten, or are hard to find.  Looking through every cook book seeking the recipe you did last year can be tiresome.  What if you need the perfect recipe that accompanies a certain type of fish?  Or perhaps you half remember a great dish that contains celeriac, but you don't know which cookbook it's in.

I developed this program for my wife (and me!), to make finding the recipes easily, from about 30 or so cookbooks.

The principle is that you have a commented list of recipes or ingredients taken from each of your cookbooks, and then you can easily see which cookbook you need and the page where the recipe resides. 

For example, you might decide that you want a recipe that includes asparagus, so you select asparagus from the drop down list and a new list appears with all recipes containing your choice. You can choose whether the chosen item is in the category for a starter, main course, dessert, vegetables, sauces, meat, fish, ingredients, barbecues or party food.

Naturally you need to initially tell the program which cookbooks that you want to include, your favourite recipes, and the page numbers that they appear on.  You can also list cuttings that you have gleaned from magazines, and your own recipes written on scraps of paper. As you progress over the weeks, you can change any entries, add or delete as required.

The program uses a database to store everything.

Works with computer, tablet or mobile phone.  Password protected for your privacy.

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